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Team and individual photos will be taken in the Shaker Lane School cafeteria on Saturday, May 5th, per the schedule below.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time listed below.  Please make sure your child arrives in full uniform (No balls, No bats, or No cleats) and brings the envelope provided along with payment on the day and time noted below.  Personal photos will not be allowed inside the cafeteria.


Picture Day (Sat. May 5th, 2012)
Location: Shaker Lane School Cafeteria
Photo Time Schedule
Start Time League Name/Team Name Head Coach   Start Time League Name/Team Name Head Coach
9:00 AM T-Ball: Rockies & Orioles Abetz/Prost   12:15 to 12:45 Open time slot for individual pictures if child missed their assigned picture time with their team.
9:10 AM T-Ball: Pirates/A's Castillo/St. Gelais  
9:30 AM T-Ball: Cardinals & Blue Jays Lewis/Keenan   1:00 PM BB Rookie: Astros Robert Ashworth
9:40 AM BB Majors 60: Rangers Jerome Yurkoski   1:10 PM SB Majors: Littleon Yellow Brook Moore
9:50 AM BB Majors 60: Marlins Chuck DeCoste   1:20 PM BB Rookie: Phillies Mike Gearty
10:00 AM BB Rookie: Braves Murray Welch   1:25 PM Open Time Slot  
10:10 AM Open Time Slot     1:35 PM BB Minors: Littleton Bees Scott Leaver
10:20 AM BB Minors: Mudhens Mark Shearer   1:45 PM Open Time Slot  
10:30 AM Open Time Slot     1:55 PM Open Time Slot  
10:40 AM SB Rookie:  Pirates Jeremy Beers   2:00 PM Open Time Slot  
10:50 AM SB Rookie: Angels Jen Regan   2:10 PM SB Rookie: Astros Steph Jahnle
11:00 AM BB Rookie: Rockies Tony Pacelli   2:15 PM SB Majors: Littleton Blue Rob Warner
11:10 AM SB Majors: Light Blue Bernie Lane   2:25 PM SB Minors: Littleton White Rob Warner
11:20 AM SB Rookie: Red Sox Ron Cochran   2:35 PM BB Rookie: Pirates Peter Cote
11:30 AM BB Rookie: Tigers Scott Ellis   2:45 PM BB Majors 70: Pirates Ed McCarthy
11:40 AM BB Majors 70: Cubs Paul McGregor   2:50 PM BB Majors 60: Orioles Randy Fisher
11:50 AM SB Minors: Littleton Blue Peter Anjoorian   2:55 PM BB Rookie: Cardinals Stephen Reidy
12:00 PM BB Rookie: Rangers James Noyes   3:00 PM BB Majors 60: Padres Adam Susser
        No pictures after 3PM
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to allow Photographer to organize the order forms.