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Herb Wing 1961-2009
LYBS dedicated the 2009 Season
to our dear friend

LYBS dedicated the 2009 Season to Herb Wing, an integral member of LYBS, who made great contributions to the association, the community, and the players.  We thank Herb and remember him in great esteem and as our friend.

The Littleton Youth Baseball and Softball Program lost an invaluable member in 2009 with the passing of Herb Wing.  Herb was an integral part of the program taking on roles including coach, various league coordinators, picture day coordinator, and DJ of the wildly popular season ending Jamboree.  Armed with a smile, he was always available to step up and take on more responsibilities.  For those who knew him, words alone cannot express what he meant to the program, other members of the board, the kids, and the community at large.  His friendship and contributions to the program are sorely missed.