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Teeball Rules
Game times: Saturdays, 8:30-9:45am

1.         Instruction should last no longer than 30 minutes in length, and will be followed by a game.  Games should end promptly at 9:45am regardless of the inning or line-up situation.
2.         The SAFETY BASEBALL is used for the full season.  
3.         All batters and base-runners must wear a helmet.  
4.         The team at bat hits one time through the lineup regardless of how many outs occur.  We play with the last batter rule. This is where the coach announces "this is my last batter". After the last hitter hits the ball, all runners attempt to reach home. The inning ends as soon as an out is made or the last runner reaches home. Do not allow the runners to run over the catcher.  
5.         Outs are not kept track of. However, if a player is put out, he is not allowed to remain on base. Children still have a sense of winning or losing. Try to focus this 'sense' onto their defensive play. If your team begins to exert a need for identifying a winning team vs. losing team - have them focus on making good defensive plays.  
6.         For the first half of the season, all batters are encouraged to hit off the TEE. There are no strikeouts. Rule #7 may apply for advanced players.
7.         For the last half of the season (see game schedule for date) allow the batter 3 swings from a designated adult pitcher; If the batter still has not hit the ball after three swings, let him/her hit the ball off the TEE - for an indefinite number of swings. No strikeouts occur at this level.  
8.         No throwing the bat. Give a bat thrower two warnings- if the player does it a third time - he/she can not bat the rest of the game.  
9.         The pitching position is filled by a player even when a batter is hitting off of a TEE, and when a coach is pitching.  
10.       Base runners may leave the base when the bat makes contact with the ball.  
11.       Defensive players are rotated each inning. A coach may rotate his/her players during an inning, if it is felt that it helps maintain interest on the part of the fielders.  
12.       Each team hits one time through the line up. If you are fortunate enough to get three outs in an inning, clear the bases and continue to hit through your line up. Still focus on good defense. Encourage the players in the field to keep up the good work!