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Welcome to the Littleton Massachusetts Youth Baseball & Softball Spring 2022 registration page. Each of the leagues open for registration is described below. Please be careful as you enter your child's birthday since the baseball leagues use age requirements.

Note: You must register your child in the league that they are eligible. Please contact the league coordinators after you register if you have any questions about league placement.

Email Address - New members will be asked for their email address and name, and will subsequently be emailed a password to log in with. Existing members (those already in the member database) will be prompted for their email address and their personal password. Users that haven't previously been issued a password or can't remember it can have their existing password emailed to them instantly.

Payment Policy - Payment must be made in full at the time of registration, unless the league is a waitlist-only league. Unpaid registrations will be deleted from the system in 30 days. If you need assistance with the registration fee, through the generosity of the Mighty Oak Fund, LYBS is proud to offer a need-based scholarship program.  To apply, please send your request to treasurer@littletonbaseball.org along with a copy of your Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) acceptance letter, and a decision on your application will be made promptly.  If you do not have a copy of your letter, please contact the Littleton School Department to obtain a new one.  All scholarship requests must be accompanied by the FRL acceptance letter. 

If you need to pay by cash or check, register your child/children, note the amount due, and mail your payment within 30 days to the following address:

c/o Bobby Chrenc
63 Grist Mill Road
Littleton, MA 01460

Refund Policy - If for whatever reason you need to delete your registration, please note that LYBS will make its best effort to refund you in full. If, however, your request to remove your registration is received after uniform orders have been placed, you may be subject to a nominal fee for the cost of the uniform.

Terms and Conditions - Registrations are for the upcoming season only. Final decisions on league placement will be made by the league coordinators and the LYBS Board, if necessary. All registered players and attendees at games and practices are required to adhere to the LYBS Code of Conduct Policy found here. All inquiries or appeals should be made directly to your league coordinator.  If issues cannot be resolved with your league coordinator, appeals should be brought to the LYBS Board via email - president@littletonbaseball.org

Trophies - Participation trophies will only be awarded to players in leagues in which no playoffs are held (T-ball, Rookie Baseball and Softball). In all other leagues, teams that win their respective divisions will receive special recognition from LYBS for their accomplishment.

Note for prospective players in the Minor and Major Leagues who do not live in Littleton - The Cal Ripken League and the Macintosh League (to which LYBS belongs) require that all baseball players must reside in the town of Littleton in order to play for LYBS. Exceptions will be granted if said player began playing for LYBS while residing in Littleton and did not begin playing for another Cal Ripken or Macintosh affiliated organization after moving from Littleton OR said player does not live in a town that currently has a Cal Ripken or Macintosh League affiliated program. If you have any questions regarding town eligibility please contact Norm Young at .

Warning - You must enter the correct birthdates for your children. Under no circumstances should you change the age of your child to gain eligibility to a league. If you have questions about your child's placement, please contact the appropriate league coordinator.